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Hubble Homes supports the Idaho Diaper Bank

Posted: May 24, 2021 | Categories: News | Heart of Hubble

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The Idaho Diaper Bank's mission is to collaborate with community partners to organize diaper drives, purchase diapers in bulk, and distribute diapers to nonprofit partner distribution organizations, ultimately assisting families and babies most in need. Diapers are essential to a child’s wellbeing and healthy development. Not having enough diapers can cause significant stress and mental health issues for the family. Diaper Need is a strong predictor of maternal depression. In order to safely care for their child, or enroll a toddler or infant in a childcare program while they work, parents must have a reliable supply of diapers. Without access to diapers, many families cannot take their children to daycare and thus are unable to work or go to school themselves. 

Hubble Homes  is proud to support the Idaho Diaper Bank with a recent donation of $6,000. With this donation the Idaho Diaper Bank can purchase 5 pallets of diapers and 1000 packages of baby wipes. That covers about 2/3 of their monthly supplies needed.

You can learn more about the Idaho Diaper Bank by visiting their website.

By Hubble Homes, LLC

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