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Buying a home is one of life’s most significant investments, and we are committed to making your journey smoother, more transparent, and more rewarding. We believe in providing a seamless experience for our homebuyers, and having our own mortgage lender allows us to do just that.


Why Choose our in-house lender CLM Mortgage?


Streamlined Process

This means fewer delays, clearer communication, and a more efficient journey towards homeownership.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an investor, our in-house lender has a range of options to fit your unique financial situation.

Familiar Faces, Trusted Service

The CLM Mortgage team is comprised of professionals who are committed to upholding the Hubble standards of excellence.

Exclusive Perks

Enjoy exclusive benefits such as special promotions, discounts, and lower earnest money requirements. 



Our Lenders


Beky Hubble

Producing Branch Manager
NMLS Number: 1528307
(208) 901-9192
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Megan Jensen

Licensed Production Partner
NMLS Number: 2514040
(208) 631-8213
Email Megan
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Jill Campbell

Loan Officer
NMLS Number: 1603488
(209) 365-3319
Email Jill
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*Example Estimated Monthly Payments and Financing
Example estimated monthly P&I payments based on a 30-Year Fixed Term with 20% Down Payment, 6.625% rate, 6.628% APR, and does not include property taxes and insurance. The actual payment obligation will be greater. Loan amount equals 80% of the listed sale price. Rates based on the weekly average according to the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, as of 06/14/24. This is not an offer for extension of credit nor a commitment to lend. All information is for hypothetical comparison only. All applications are subject to credit approval. Hubble Homes is affiliated with CLM Mortgage, Inc. Pricing and terms subject to change without notice. Equal Housing Lender.


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