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Hubble Homes has been proudly building value-rich homes throughout the Treasure Valley for over 25 years, and we feel that the best judges of our creativity, craftsmanship, and commitment are the people who live in the homes we have built. It makes us happy to be able to share with you so many positive experiences.



Rickie P. | 2022

The timeline was very well laid out...


Ralph L. | 2022

...very easy and straightforward.


Oren G. | 2022

The Hubble Team was very professional...


Emmanual B. | 2022

I like the quality...


Allison G. | 2022

Everything was smooth...


John V. | 2022

...a great experience.


Jeffrey D. | 2022

The Hubble team was very easily accessible...


Paul Y. | 2022

Our home was always on schedule during the building process...

01 Testimonial-900x675 super honest2.jpg

John R. | 2021

Super honest and personable...

01 Testimonial-900x675 most exciting.jpg

John K. | 2021

One of the most exciting times of our lives...

01 Testimonial-900x675 above and beyond.jpg

Shelley L. | 2021

They went above and beyond...

01 Testimonial-900x675 personable.jpg

Ralph E. | 2021

Extremely personable and professional...

01 Testimonial-900x675 Happy.jpg

Erin S. | 2021

All in all we are happy with our home...

01 Testimonial-900x675amazing.jpg

Valerie D. | 2021


01 Testimonial-900x675 Knowledgable.jpg

Marc L. | 2021

Knowledgeable, efficient, great customer service...

01 Testimonial-900x675 Process.jpg

Theron S. | 2021

The process was easy...


Roberto R. | 2020

We enjoyed the show room experience...


Spencer H. | 2020

The entire home buying process was smooth and easy...

Fast-900x675 copy.jpg

Vladimir K. | 2020

Fast construction process and no complications...


Kim V. | 2020

Everyone was very helpful...

Top Quality-900x675.jpg

Michael F. | 2020

Top quality and great communication...

01 Testimonial-900x675 Great Expereince1.jpg

Paul H. | 2020

We have had a great experience with all those we have met to this point...

01 Testimonial detailed1.jpg

Josh W. | 2020

They took the work seriously and were very detailed...

01 Testimonial-reliable1.jpg

Beau P. | 2020

Cheryl was wonderful...

01 Testimonial-communication.jpg

Alexandria H. |2020

We enjoyed how simple and seamless the whole process was...

01 Testimonial-Process.jpg

Tyler B. | 2020

The process start to finish was actually seamless and we loved it...

Done on time-900x675.jpg

Chris K. | 2020

...everything was done on time as it was promised.

Super Easy-900x675.jpg

Cynthia B. | 2020

Building with Hubble Homes was super easy and smooth...

Would recommend-900x675.jpg

Guillermo N. | 2020

Hubble Homes did a great job...


Gary P. | 2020

I will recommend them to everyone...


Linda P. | 2019

Every person I came in contact with...


Kendall M. | 2019

The Hubble Team took time...


Uriah W. | 2019

Everyone was super friendly...


Michael M. | 2019

Great experience...


Kelsey W. | 2019

The design studio was a fun and exciting experience...


Max P. | 2019

We’ve been thrilled with every phase of building our home...


Michael O. | 2019

I'm so happy with my Hubble home...


Karen M. | 2019

Hubble homes has been fantastic during the build of our home...


Katie P. | 2019

Workmanship is wonderful, the contractors on site are...

Testimonial Hubble Homes

Mark M. | 2018

I couldn’t be happier than the Hubble Team...


Meghan J. | 2018

I'm super impressed with Hubble...


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