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Meet our Hubble Hero House Charities: St. Vincent de Paul

Posted: November 20, 2020 | Categories: News | Heart of Hubble

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Today we would like to introduce another one of the valley charities that will benefit from the proceeds of our Hubble Hero House: St. Vincent de Paul.

St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho is focused on helping neighbors in need with housing expenses, food, clothing, furniture, and other basic human needs. Last year, SVDP served 24,182 people in person to person visits, and distributed $519,320 in direct financial aid. Furthermore, they provided millions more in groceries, clothes, bicycles, and other key necessities. This work has been made possible since the 1940s through the generous support of our community.

Mission: 40% of Idahoans struggle to make ends meet. Many don’t have a safety net and are one financial crisis from homelessness. That’s why St. Vincent de Paul Southwest Idaho works with families and individuals before they lose their homes and face the streets - proactively preventing homelessness. When people need help, they’ll be there. St. Vincent de Paul serves everyone.

"St. Vincent de Paul simply could not accomplish our mission of preventing homelessness without the support of companies like Hubble Homes." said St. Vincent de Paul's Marketing Director Grant Breidenbach. He noted that this year has been particularly challenging for the community and for the organization, so when they heard that they were a beneficiary of the Hero House it was a massive blessing. and pointed out: "This generosity from Hubble Homes will allow us to do more for our neighbors in need than ever before in a time when our neighbors need it more than ever before."

Mr. Breidenbach was also able to give us details on what the money from the Hubble Hero House will be used for. He explained: "We intend to put the funds from the Hubble Hero House to work in two places. 15-20% will expand and support our Mobile Food Pantries. This enables us to reach further into neighborhoods with the greatest poverty and lack of transportation. Thanks to Hubble Homes we will be directly providing nutritious foods to refugees, single moms, families out of work, and other vulnerable members of our community."

But that is not all. With a portion of the money from our Hubble Hero House, St. Vincent de Paul are launching a brand-new fund called The Hubble Homes Crisis Fund. Normally they set a cap of $150-$300 in direct financial assistance (usually rent and utilities) for families and individuals in need. However, they occasionally encounter a family in a particularly challenging crisis that requires additional support. He specified: "The Hubble Homes Crisis Fund will allow us to provide additional aid for extraordinary circumstances – be that an automobile repair, medical bill, rent payment, or another unique situation. We are already forming a panel of three board members who will review requests to disburse funds from the Hubble Homes Crisis Fund." As you can see, the Hubble Hero House will have a lasting legacy of serving neighbors who are in the most need and closest to the brink of homelessness.

You can learn more about St. Vincent de Paul by visiting their website

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By Hubble Homes, LLC

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