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Hubble Homes Supports Interfaith Sanctuary

Posted: December 21, 2020 | Categories: News | Heart of Hubble

Hubble Homes is proud to support Interfaith Sanctuary, a local overnight shelter providing supportive services for men, women, and families with children in Boise.

As part of our Heart of Hubble Grant program, we were able to donate $5,000 in cash to help purchase items for the shelter. Our donation is going directly to providing: children's clean new socks, coloring books , colored pencils, small and large buckets to hold toys plastic sand scoops, clean new child sized throw blankets, kleenex tissue, paper towels, protein rich healthy snacks in individual portions.

Interfaith Sanctuary has an unprecedented crush of newly homeless families with children. They have worked hard with the City of Boise to secure clean and safe shelter during the daytime for mothers and children who normally would either be in school then or on the street until the shelters open at night. The Warming Center by the Boise Library serves adult men, The Red Lion shelter serves the children and moms. They have been stretched due to COVID and job losses with families on the financial bubble affected by the pandemic and loss of income. 

Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter serves people of all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientation, as well as families with children, by providing safe overnight emergency shelter and practical services to transition out of homelessness.

Emergency Shelter Program provides overnight shelter each night of the year for up to 160 men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness. Shelter services are available from 6:00pm – 7:00am daily (8:00am on Sunday), and are supplemented by light dinners provided in partnership with Life’s Kitchen and the Idaho Foodbank. Single men and women have separate sleeping facilities in the shelter while sharing a common dining/recreation hall. Families are housed in another section of the shelter and share their own hospitality room.
Supportive Services Program was designed to create a very focused assessment from shelter entry to shelter exit. Caseworkers assess the needs of our guests then connect them with the appropriate community partners serving the homeless population. 


By Hubble Homes, LLC

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