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Meet our 2021 Hubble Hero House Charities - Care House Partnerships

Posted: September 21, 2021 | Categories: News | Heart of Hubble

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Today we would like to introduce another one of the valley charities that will benefit from the proceeds of our 2021 Hubble Hero House: Care House Partnerships

Vision: Nourishing People in Body, Mind, and Spirit so they experience life to its fullest.

Mission: Partnering with community agencies, educational institutions, businesses, churches and civic organizations to address people’s real food insecurity, recovery, educational, medical and mental health needs so they experience the fullness of life they were created for.

Care House Partnerships collaborates with community agencies, churches, nonprofits, educational and civic organizations to maximize available resources to nourish our neighbors in body, mind and spirit.

They meet the needs of the community via:

  • A food bank
  • A recovery program
  • A medical and counseling clinic for those without health insurance
  • A tutoring partnership with the neighborhood elementary school
  • A support group for families who are foster parents or have adopted children internationally or through the foster care system

Care House Partnerships will use the donation from the Hero House as seed money for the development of a warehouse that will store supplies for the Care House Food Bank.  A warehouse will allow them to store more nonperishable dry goods for the rising need in the community.

 You can learn more about Care House Partnerships by visiting their website.

By Hubble Homes, LLC

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