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Purchasing Manager


The Purchasing Manager is responsible for ensuring Hubble Homes, LLC is purchasing quality materials, labor, and service at the most competitive rate available in the market.  The Purchasing Manager directs the activities of the purchasing department concerning the purchase of materials and subcontract labor to construct new homes. The Purchasing Manager will also develop a closeness, as liaison in representing and collaborating Hubble’s Trade Partner support objectives. The Purchasing Manager will assist the Trade Partners in effectively, innovatively, and efficiently reach the mutual goal of smooth, consistent, and predictable construction practices. 

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES include the following (Other Duties may be assigned):

Trade Partner Relations

  • Actively represent Hubble Homes to its Trade Partners in establishing a relational, professional, and advocacy role. 
  • To assist in the understanding, design, drafting, review, and approval of a Trade Partner’s support need.
  • Authoring and presenting any Trade Partner request for support to Hubble.
  • Capture and track internally (Hubble) and externally (Trade Partners) problematic areas and/or opportunities involving Trade Vendors practices and experience. 
  • Practice observance, documenting, and notes all aspects of the Trade Partner Operations and observations when present and especially when invited into deeper operations information. 
  • Prepared to respond and/or pursue a Trade Partner’s need regarding support. To assist and/or advocate for improvements in their Capital Resources (labor, materials, equipment, etc.)

Manages the Purchasing Process

  • Collects and monitors competitive builder information by visiting jobsites and shopping the competition.
  • Maximizes Hubble Homes buying power through volume purchasing and value engineering in all markets, and maximizes the perceived value to cost ratio.
  • Evaluate the process of our vendors (even “map” their procedures) to identify possible waste or process improvements.
  • Maintains a master price book.
  • Develops, reviews, and tracks subcontractor and supplier contract negotiations.
  • Develops relationships with subcontractors committed to reducing cost and increasing service.
  • Develops bid lists and bid packages, and establishes bidding procedures and analysis.

Tracks all materials

  • Reviews all material before it leaves the Estimating Department.  Specifically reviews all cost estimates, to provide the Sales and Marketing team with accurate and timely information.

Responsible for the strategic planning for purchasing

  • Writes and revises purchasing policies and procedures as necessary.

Reviews, considers, and monitors all manufacturers and supplier’s rebate programs.


  • Assists in the design and costing of new models.
  • Completes special pricing requests accurately and within a reasonable timeframe.

Reports to the Director of Operations.  Works in coordination with Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Estimating.  Plans, organizes, directs, delegates and monitors the work of the Purchasing Department.

Has the authority to hire, discipline, and fire employees within the purchasing department and in accordance with approved budgets and company policies.  Has the authority to recommend addition or removal of suppliers, vendors, and trade partnerships.


  • Five years of experience in purchasing, preferably in residential and/or commercial construction.  
  • A CPM designation is highly desirable.  
  • Understand pricing and the impact on capital.
  • Possess excellent relationship and communication skills.
  • Will present a positive image for the company, be a win-win thinker and good negotiator.
  • Will be creative and innovative, and respectful of co-workers, sub-contractors and suppliers.
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