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OPS Department Assistant



This position reports directly to the Director of Operations, works independently performing a wide range of complex and confidential administrative and clerical support. Requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to provide information and service to a wide range of internal and external contacts. Requires knowledge of Hubble Homes policies and procedures. Supports the Director of Operations in managing communications, delegating assignments, monitoring follow through of assignments, managing the filing system and managing his calendar. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned. 

•    Supports the Director of Operations in maintaining and achieving company unifying principals, mission, vision and goals. 
•    Ensures follow through and completion of assignments for both administrative and project-related activities.
•    Assists the Director of Operations with assignments and new projects directed to staff.
•    Organizes the office of the Director of Operations including filing system. 
•    Manages communication on behalf of the Director of Operations to management team, vendors, customers, and employees. 
•    Attend meetings and training events together with or on behalf of the Director of Operations as necessary.

•    Formulate procedures for systematic retention, retrieval, protection, transfer and disposal of key management information and filing systems.
•    Arrange travel services.
•    May support senior managers on special projects to assist in meeting goals of the Director of Operations, as assigned (i.e., business plans, policies and procedures, etc.)
•    Assists Director of Operations with monitoring:  metrics (routines), project status, and assignments to others. 
•    Assist with Director of Operations functions including: (Sub-Department Managers – Projects and Tasks).   

•    Delegate duties and assignments to management and staff. 
•    Bridge incoming/outgoing communication between Director of Operations and management/staff
•    Assist in prioritizing and handling incoming calls and returning calls.
•    Prioritize and simplify incoming correspondence and expedite outgoing correspondence.
•    Compose confidential correspondence
•    Keep minutes of Operations Meetings, Sub-Department meetings, and other meetings as assigned.
•    Provide business management assistance by assisting with planning and deciding a course of action on assigned topics, assisting with organizational issues, and motivating by exercising leadership to help people perform at their best.
•    Act as a liaison between Director of Operations and management/staff. Communicates on Director of Operations behalf.
•    Keep open communication with Director of Operations on all matters, including internal and confidential.

Has the authority to carry out decisions and directives by the Director of Operations.
Reports directly to the Director of Operations; priority is given to work for the Director of Operations, but is available to other senior managers as it pertains to the Operation’s goals; works closely with staff; has direct communication with clients for the Director of Operations regarding project status; communicates in all matters on behalf of the Director of Operations both internally and externally as necessary.

•    At least 5 years’ experience working as a Department Assistant at a top administrative level.
•    Excellent working knowledge of Word and Excel. 
•    Good working knowledge of Visio, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Outlook preferred.  

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